Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For you, Ballou

The only one I can blame for me starting this is my International Economics teacher, Mr. Ballou. Not just economics, but Sociologoy and Psychology, but this came up in eco.
I worked on the blog for the hovercraft, and I made a comment somehow on how people who keep up blogs have no life and are nerds.
Which is fundamentaly different from nerhd. More on that later.
I don't know why-I must have been talking without thinking again-but Ballou wouldn't let it drop, and kept on asking "Why don't you put that in your blog?" to which I retorted, "I don't have one!"
Well, I can't use that excuse now, can I?

What is it that I'm going to talk about on here?
I geuss what I'm doing, what I'm thinking. Me, I geuss. But I won't try to be complaining on how my life sucks, or why the hot guy won't look at me, or anything like that. That wouldn't be interesting for anyone to read. Not even me.

Once I move into my college, I'll be able to write more, and probably have more to say.
Until next time, interwebs!